Accessory Guides & Wiring

Haltech Stingray 2 Channel Oscilloscope Software

Easy Scope II (4.6 MB)                            Easy Logger (4.3 MB)                             Quick Start Guide (608 kB)

Dual Channel Wideband 02

Haltech Dual Channel Wideband 02 Platinum Sport 2000 / 1000 Installation Instructions (293kB)

Haltech Dual Channel Wideband 02 E11V2 / E8 Installation Instructions (293kB)

Haltech Wideband 02 Controller Manual (HWC) (160kB)

Haltech Wideband 02 Controller (HWC) Quickstart Guide (719kb)

Haltech Wideband 02 Gauge installation (135kB)

Platinum ECU Mounting Kit

Haltech Platinum Series Mounting Kit Installation Instructions (142kB)

S3 and S4 Hall Sensor

Wiring Manuals (PDF)
S3 and S4 with 4 Way Plug(132KB)S3 and S4 with 6 Way Plug (130KB) Haltech S3 and S4 Hall Sensors Installation and Setup Notes (444KB)

Accessories and Sensors

Fuel / Oil Pressure Sensor 10 Bar (122kB) S/S Single Channel Hall Sensor #HT010614 (66kB)
Map Sensor 1 -3 Bar (90kB) Single Channel Hall Sensor # HT010608 (wheel speed) (37kB)
Map Sensor 4/5 Bar (113kB) Single Channel Hall Sensor # HT010610 (59kB)
EGT Thermocouple and Amplifier (284kB) Temperature Sensor (88kB)
Pressure Sensor (88kB) Temperature Sensors ( Adding Extra Sensors) (119kB)
Shift Light (30kB) Oxygen Sensor (88kB)
Flex Fuel Sensor (122kB)  

TPS Sensors

Haltech Grey TPS Sensor CW Rotation #HT010402 (65kB) Haltech Black TPS Sensor CCW Rotation #HT010402 (65kB)
Haltech TPS Sensors Data (85kB) Haltech TPS Sensor #HT010400 (85kB)

Ignition Modules

Haltech High Power Ignition Module Quick Start Guide (2.4MB)

Ignition Module Connector (88kB)

Ignition Module – Single Channel (116kB)

Ignition Module – Dual Channel (116kB)

Ignition Module – Triple Channel (116kB)

Ignition Module – Quadruple Channel (116kB)


Injector And Ignition Connectors (88kB)


LS1 Coil Connector (49kB)

Truck Coils #38255 (55kB)

HT020110 – Bosch Inductive Coil (109 kB)

Boost Control

Boost Control Solenoid (138kB)

CO2 Boost Control (30kB)

Nitrous Solenoid

Nitrous Relay Wiring (Multistage) (63kB)


Trans-Brake, Bump and Creep Control Wiring (600kB)

Reluctor Adaptors

Digital Reluctor Adaptor 2 #HT010613  (600kB)

RA10 Instructions (207kB)     RA10 Connector (96kB)    RA8 (47kB)    RA3 (49kB)    RA1 (540kB)

Idle Speed Motors

Common Configurations (570 kB)
Haltech Idle Speed Motor #HT020306
Haltech Idle Speed Motor (50kB)
GM Idle Speed Motor Wiring (58kB)
Bosch Idle AIr Control Valve (2429kB)


Solid State Relay Wiring Guide – Ground Switching (445kB)
Solid State Relay Wiring Guide – Power Switching (445kB)

Coil Negative Tacho Output Adaptor (114kB)

Trim Module

Trim Module (112kB)
Platinum Series Trim Module (49kB)

Haltech ECU and Auxiliary Connectors

E11V2 And E8 Connector (84kB) Platinum Sport Series CAN Connector Series 1 / 2 (99kB)
Connector Terminations – All (1.6MB) Platinum Series CAN Connector (Pro, Sport series 3, Sprint) (120kB)
Auxiliary Connector (92kB) E6K, E6X, F10X ECU Connector (92kB)