Upgrade to WB1 Kit for just $250 with every Elite ECU purchase


During the month of May we are offering all Elite ECU buyers an opportunity to add a Wideband (WB1) 02 Controller Kit for just $250.
Simply order any Elite ECU and you can add a WB1 Kit for $250.

Offer ends May 31st 2017.

WB1 kit

What is an 02 Sensor what does it do?

Broadly speaking there are two different types of O2 sensor available, wideband and narrowband. Both sensors have their place in tuning an engine, narrowband sensors are designed to be used in conjunction with a catalytic converter. 

A catalytic converter works on a saturate/starve principal where the fuel injection system saturates the converter then starves the converter, i.e. it runs rich of 14.7:1 (saturate) then lean of 14.7:1 (starve) and as such a narrowband O2 sensor only reads rich of 14.7:1 or lean of 14.7:1.  A narrowband O2 sensor is unable to determine exactly how rich or exactly how lean the engine is running making it useless for full power engine calibration (as under full power we need to run the engine much richer that 14.7:1 so we don’t melt pistons!).

A wideband O2 sensor on the other hand is designed to read a much broader spectrum of air to fuel ratios. The Haltech CAN wideband reads accurately from 10:1 – 20:1 air fuel ratio which makes it the ideal tool for engine calibration.

Why you need one?

The benefit of using Haltech’s CAN Wideband Controller is that all the diagnostic information from the sensor can be sent to the ECU. This additional diagnostic information is used by the ECU to determine if the sensor is up to correct operating temperature, if the sensor has a short or fault condition or if the sensor is has become disconnected. In any of these circumstances the ECU will automatically turn off closed loop O2 control (if it’s enabled) and run in open loop mode.

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