Mazda 13B Kit now available

Haltech has just released the Mazda Rotary 13B full engine management kit. The kit comes complete with a Platinum Sport 1000 ECU and Fully Terminated plug in engine harness (Terminated with factory connectors). The kit is available with a flying lead ignition loom, or with a terminated ignition loom to suit the very popular LS1 coils.

The loom simply requires 3 wires to be connected to be up and running – 12v supply(Red), Ground(Black) and the Ignition Switched power(Pink).  This kit is ideal for any engine conversion (Street / Strip or Circuit) and is excellent value for money.

Key Points Include:

• Suits S4/S5 2nd Generation engines

• Right lengths for easy install

• Fully labelled wiring

• No messy Wiring

• No terrifying wiring bills

• Factory like appearance

• Fast install to get your project on the road today!

For more information see the products section of the website.

22 Comments to "Mazda 13B Kit now available"

  • Eddie Reyes Says:

    need to know if this wire harness only for the 1000 or can it be used with the 2000

  • haltechadam Says:

    It can be used with a Platinum Sport 2000, but the extra I/O is not populated within the harness. You will need to populate the extra I/O Pins yourself if you wish to use them.

  • RAUL Says:


  • gary dixon Says:

    hello, can i still use the factory oil metering pump with the platinum 1000, and if so do i need to buy anything extra to support this thanks

  • Rotorzilla Says:

    Is this harness a direct replacement for a JC Cosmo 13B? I have PS2000 and unterminated harness right now for my project Cosmo that I have not installed yet.

  • M4XVLTG3 Says:

    Is there a vendor list for this Item. Its time to finally make the jump.

  • monsterrotor Says:

    i have a 13b twinturbo motor with a electronic oil metering pump,will haltech run it?

  • haltechadam Says:

    Yes The haltech Sport 1000 / 2000 will control it. The Terminated harness does not support the Oil metering pump. If required you will need to wire the pump to the main connector via additional wires.

  • monkman33 Says:

    Does this setup offer a way to control the stock sequential twins of the 93+ RX7′s?

  • ElSuaveChino Says:

    jus want to make sure, if the kit is for all 13bs including a mazda rx8 (04)?

  • H Strydom Says:

    can the haltech help with the rx 8 ecu power steering/tracking control

  • Matt Says:

    Could this be used for an s5 with a cosmo 13b-re?

  • stuart homewood Says:

    Please can i have an all in price for this setup complete with ECU and everything required to run the engine in a kit/race car.

    I spent quite a bit of time in Oz and so price from you there would be great.

    Many thanks


  • liberg auto Says:

    price and closest agent

  • Tyrin Haynes Says:

    what coloured wire can i test to make sure im getting signal from my platinum sport 1000 to my coils ?

  • allen Says:

    I have a re Cosmo in my 2nd Gen will this kit work in my car if so do I need any extra parts and how much were for the whole kit

  • Stephen Says:

    Can I purchase the harness only?

  • Haltech dave Says:

    Hello liberg auto,

    You are able to see your closest agen by going to the dealers section.

  • Haltech dave Says:

    Hello Tyrin,

    Please contact our technical support team if if you are still having any issues.

    Thank you

  • Tony Dinuzzo Says:

    I’ve owned this in my daily fc with a s5 jdm swap for almost a year nowz worth every penny I ordered this with the ls1 coil package

  • Kevin Lalchan Says:

    goodnight i have a Platinum Sport 1000 ECU but i have the plug and play harness would like to know if i could get the harness alone to buy for a series 5 engine the harness in the car needs to be change

  • Jesus Says:

    I am converting a 1983 RX7 12A to a 1987 13B engine (non Turbo). This 13B is the fuel injected. I need to know what wire harness I need to keep the 13B fuel injected. I have the original ECU for the 13B.

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