Elite Series Specifications


The future of Engine Management is here! The new Haltech Elite Series ECUs take the art of engine management to a brand new level. With a brand new, waterproof case, drive-by-wire, exhaust cam and knock control the Elite Series ECUs provide cutting edge technology to tuners and performance enthusiasts world-wide.

Fast Facts
What: Haltech Elite Series ECUs
Application: Universal
Available: Early-mid 2014
Price: To be confirmed


• Waterproof Case
• 8 x Fuel Injection Outputs
• 8 x Ignition Outputs
• 28 x Digital Outputs
• 10 x Analogue Voltage Inputs
• 6 x Engine Position Inputs with extensive trigger type support
• Oscilloscope – view and save crank and cam sensor waveforms
• Programmable Injector Peak and Hold Currents with open/short circuit diagnostics
• OBDII Capable – set and clear diagnostics trouble codes
• USB and Dual CAN Bus communications OEM and Haltech CAN expansion
• User definable 5D Tuning – ultimate tuning flexibility
• Drive By Wire (DBW) Throttle Control
• Cruise Control – Requires Electronic Throttle Control
• Quad Cam Control – Independently Variable
• Dual Channel Knock Control – With FFT analysis
• Auto Tune – Short and Long term fuel and ignition learning
• Staged Fuelling – Up to four stages of injectors
• Multi-fuel Support- Independent fuels can be used at once
• Multiple Profile/Calibration Tuning Up to 4 separate vehicles on the one ECU
• E85 Flex Fuel Ready – With additional boost tables
• Closed Loop Boost, Idle and 02 Contro
• Anti-Lag and Launch Control
• Data logging – Internal memory & external laptop logging
• USB data logging- Log direct to USB Flash Drive
• Black Box Logging – Additional logging that is always active
• Engine Protection – Set limits for sensors and protect the engine
• Multiple User Login – Restrict areas of the ECU based on passwords

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