Polaris RZR


With a 110hp, two cylinder, 1000cc engine, the Polaris RZR1000 is one of the most popular side-by-side ATVs on the market today.

Haltech’s Elite 1500 ECU offers an extensive support for the RZR including fuel, ignition and electronic throttle control as well as RZR’s CAN-based dashboard and 4WD/2WD switching.


With Elite 1500 in control, all types of power adders like turbochargers, superchargers or nitrous become available and can be controlled via the Elite.

Adding a few essential sensors also enables you to take advantage of Haltech’s Engine Protection Feature to safeguard the engine while you’re out there having fun.


Variants Confirmed:  Polaris RZR1000 XP 2011 onwards
Supported Engine: 110hp Two cylinder, 1000cc engine
Supported ECUs: Elite 1500 & Elite 2500

O.E.M. Options supported:
Coolant Temp
Demand Drive AWD (4×4 Switch) Indicator Light and actuation request
Gear Position
Check Engine Light (Haltech ECU Only)
High Beam warning light
Fuel Level
Trip Meter
Electric Power Steering

O.E.M. Options not supported:
Rear Diff Lock (Turf Mode)
Indicator Light on Dash and Solenoid actuation request

Parts Required:
HT-150901 Elite 1500 Short Loom Kit
HT-020002 Haltech Dual Channel Ignitor
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Optional Accessories:
HT-059976 Haltech Wideband Kit
HT-060100 Haltech IQ3 Display Dash
HT-060101 Haltech IQ3 2Gb GPS/G-meter Logger Dash
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Polaris RZR Wiring Diagram
Polaris RZR Application Support Guide
Polaris RZR Basemap

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