Output Controllers

Device Emulator 8

The Haltech Device Emulator 8 was designed for use in “piggy back” style applications where the OEM ECU remains in the vehicle to control currently un-supported functions (eg Automatic Transmission , Electronic Throttle).
The Haltech Device Emulator 8 provides the OEM ECU with emulated signals to stop fault codes when the Haltech is controlling functions like ignition, fuel and boost.

Engine Suitability:
• Various

• 8 x Inductive load outputs
• 8 x Pull down to Ground resistor outputs
• 6 x Pull up to 12V resistor outputs

Power Requirements:
• Source: 8.6 to 16.5 Volts DC
• Consumption: 360mA @ 12Volts DC

Physical Dimensions:
• Length: 57mm
• Width: 64mm
• Height: 28mm

• Device Emulator: 90g (0.20 lb)
• Harness: 180g (0.40 lb)

Haltech Signal Emulator Kit Inlcudes:
• Haltech Device Emulator 8
• Quick Start Guide

Optional Accessories:
• 1m Harness (HT040004)
• Plug and Pin Set (HT030007)

Haltech Device Emulator 8 Specifications
Haltech Device Emulator 8 Quick Start Guide


Boost Control Solenoid

The Haltech boost control solenoid allows the user to map boost pressure levels on turbocharged vehicles through the engine management system.

Haltech uses a highly durable short stroke solenoid to increase durability, longevity and of course accuracy of the valve. A high force spring return is used to produce swift valve closing and to prevent valves “blowing” open under high boost applications. Valve movement control (Duty Cycle) map is accessed via the ECU programming software. Raising the duty cycle increases boost pressure, while lowering the duty cycle will reduce boost pressure. The boost control feature allows boost response adjustment for varying turbo sizes.

Depending on the ECU being used some people may want to utilise the gear based boost control feature – this allows separate boost levels to be set at every RPM in every gear. One of the latest features is also the implementation of closed loop boost control where all that needs to be done is tell the ECU exactly what boost to run at each RPM and the computer computes the opening duty cycle of the boost control solenoid automatically – this feature accounts for changes in air temperature, barometric pressure, intercooler heatsoak and any other unexpected factors that may effect inlet air temperature and pressures.

With the continual improvement and innovation consistently going into all of Haltech ECU’s in the area of boost control its hard to imagine how your turbocharged engine ever lived without a Haltech boost control solenoid!

Haltech Idle Speed Control Motor & Housing

The Haltech Idle Speed Motor is a 4 wire stepper motor controlled idle valve, this valve allows the ECU to control the volume of air entering the intake manifold at idle.

Once the ECU has control of the volume of air entering the intake manifold it can control idle speed regardless of engine temperature, engine load (from an automatic gearbox or AC compressor) or additional electrical load (from AC controls or headlights).

The Haltech Idle Speed Motor has been designed specifically for use with the Haltech idle speed control housing (although it can also be used directly with some GM throttle bodies). The Haltech idle speed control housing is machined from block aluminum to exacting tolerances required for a perfect seal every time. The housing is then anodized black for that stealth look inside your engine bay.

The Haltech Idle Speed Motor connects via a weatherproof 4 wire connector.

Trim Module

The Trim control gives the operator a remote access control for finely adjusting either turbo boost, fuel or ignition trim. Can be used with or without a PC connected to the ECU. Ideal for tuning whilst on the dynamometer.
It is suitable for use with current model ECU’s* and supports:

+/- 12.5% fuel mixture
+/- 50% fuel mixture
+/- 10 degrees ignition timing
+/- 10 degrees trailing split (Rotary engines only)
0 – 100% turbo boost control

* Pro Harness is only supported when used in conjunction with the I/O Expander 12 and 1.10 and above firmware.

Haltech Shift Light

The Haltech shift light is used for alerting the driver when to shift gears. Shift Lights allow the driver to stay focused on the road or track, without having to divert concentration to the tachometer to determine what revs the engine is currently at. At high speeds or under hard acceleration, the last thing you want to do is take your eyes off the road!

The Haltech shift light also helps to prevent over revving of the engine or hitting the rev limiter. Many stock tachometers are slow to respond to the engine’s actual speed under full acceleration. The tachometer could be reporting a lower RPM than the engine’s actual RPM (as much as several hundred RPMS!).

The Haltech Shift light is operated directly from the ECU’s microprocessor to ensure fast, accurate and dependable response for you to shift at the exact RPM you want.

The desired RPM shift point can be set any desired RPM point through a Haltech ECU resulting in lower, consistent E.T.s at the track.