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2.27 Firmware Release

Update your software by going to ESP Online and clicking on the ESP Online icon. Alternatively you can download the full version of ESP from our Downloads Page.

2.27 Firmware Release

Factory Trigger system support added for the following engine models:
• Renault – F4RT
• Ford – PIP
• Ford – YB Cosworth
• General Motors – LT1
• Optispark, Nissan VK56

Humidity sensor support included:
Relative, Absolute and Specific Humidity/Water Grains can be used as tuning options

Idle control – Ignition only:
Added an option for Ignition only Idle control.
Used when the engine has no way to introduce extra airflow and requires the ignition timing to alter idle speed.

Nitrous Control – Progressive:
Stage 1 and 2 of the 6 Nitrous Control stages can be used as Progressive Nitrous Controllers and programmed vs. the race timer.

Ethanol Content:
Ethanol content can now broadcast across OBD-II

Cam Control (Continuously Variable) – Temperature Scaler:
The Minimum Coolant Temperature setting has been replaced with a scalar table. This allows the ECU to gradually feed in cam timing vs. temperature, rather than switching on suddenly.

Cam control (Switched):
Independent control of switching points for both intake and exhaust camshafts

Knock Control Restore:
Allows the ECU to remove Ignition timing when knock is detected, as well as re-introduce ignition timing when the same operating conditions are met without a knock event occurring.

Single Connector ECU update:
Elite 550, 750 and 950 now support engines with up to 12 cylinders

Haltech CAN Protocol Updates:
Added the following to the dash protocol:
• Wideband O2 Sensors 5 – 12
• Wideband Overall Average
• Wideband Bank Average
• Rotary Trim Modules
• Variable Cam Angles

Misc fixes, changes and additions:
• Over-boost cut method can now be selected between Fuel and/or Ignition
• Fixed boost control long term trims being visible with open loop control
• Boost control closed loop duty cycle table now interpolates between tuning cells
• Added Boost Pressure Sensor
• Added Boost Pressure Sensor as an option for Boost control Controlled Parameter
• Thermo-fan now turns off while engine is cranking, to lessen electrical load,
  so the engine starts easier
• Increased Ignition Cylinder 1 and 2 correction table axes
• RPM Limiter table size increased to 16 x 8
• Added ECU On Time channel
• Added channels for Vehicle Speed Derivative
  and Vehicle Speed Drive Train Derivative.
• Added Ambient Temperature Sensor
• Added Expected Fuel Pressure Channel
• Gear Position Sensor is now capable of being read via Vehicle CAN
  (if supported by the vehicle)
• Added Selector Position for automatic transmissions with choices of
  Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, Sport, Manual, Low and Overdrive positions.
• Combined gear channel added. Displays Selector Position first, then Gear Position.
• Gear Display in ESP is now a single letter. e.g. N for Neutral, R for Reverse.
• Changed pressure and temperature channels to display ‘—-‘ when not available
• Wastegate Pressure Sensor calibration now allows up to 2000 psi pressure sensors
• Added Fuel injector Short Pulse Width Adder table for each stage of fuel injection.
• Boost Control Status Channel added. This channel allows the tuner
  to quickly identify what the boost control strategy is doing.
• “Open Loop” when open loop boost is the Mode being used.
• “Off Boost” when we are below positive pressure.
• “Spooling” when manifold pressure is positive and we are below
  the Control Point Offset value.
• “Delay Time” when the delay time is active after boost exceeds
  the Control Point Offset.
• “Closed Loop Active” when the boost is being controlled in closed loop.
• “Over boost” when the Over boost Offset is exceeded.
• “Max Derivative Limit” when this setting is causing the controller to not operate.
• “TPS Limit” when this setting is causing the controller to not operate.
• “Not Armed” when arm switch is disabling boost control
• “Scramble” when scramble boost is active
• “Invalid TPS” when failing to read TPS

Got any questions about the new update?
Contact us on support@haltech.com