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2.33 Firmware Update

Faster, smoother, better – v2.33 Firmware is here!

We’ve polished the chrome bumpers, waxed the body panels and cleaned the tyres. We’ve also made it all run faster and smoother. The latest Firmware is available now – FREE!

How to update your Haltech Firmware

In order to update your ECU you’ll need the latest version of the Haltech ESP software which can be downloaded off our website or through the “ESP Online” portal if you’ve already got a previous version of ESP on your laptop.

Once you have the most current software you can then use the ESP Online portal to access the most current version of Firmware for your ECU and update it.

This process should take around 5 minutes.

What’s new in the 2.33 Release:

• Significant run-time improvements. Channel updates, calculations, input readings and output responses are nowmuch faster.

• Faster data logging. The target logging rate can now be reached with more channels.

• Table size updates on the single connector ECUs: Elite 550, 750 and 950. The Base Fuel, Target Lambda, Base Ignition, Base Timing Split and Boost Target tables are now 32×32.

• A large number of settings can now be altered without requiring an ECU reset:
Fuel Tuning, Auto V.E. Air Temp Compensation, Fuel Type, Overall Correction, Prime Pulse, Cranking Fuel Amount, Zero Demand Fuel Amount, Coolant Temp Correction, Air Temp Correction, MAP Correction, Barometric Pressure Correction, Post Start Correction, Cylinder Correction, Gear Correction, Generic Conditions, Fuel Comp Correction.
O2 Control: Long Term Trim Enable, Max MAP and Max TPS.
Engine protection: Enrichment, Lambda Enrichment.
Boost correction, Retard, Rev Limit Type, Rev Limit End, Max Drive By Wire Throttle Position, Reverse Lockout Speed, Generic Timer Conditions, Race Timer Conditions.

Got any questions about the new Firmware?
Contact our Tech Support on [email protected] 
or call: INTL: +61 2 9729 0999  |  USA: (888) 298 8116