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Trackside: 24th Annual Nitto Tire NMRA Spring Break Shootout

The beginning of March brings a flood of Mustangs to the highways of Florida. If you were to follow the herd they would lead to the gates of Bradenton Motorsports Park.

This is the kick off for the NMRA Keystone Drag Racing Series, better known as The Spring Break Shootout.

The masses filled the track to watch all generations of Ford race for an entire weekend. As usual, Haltech was on hand to display the latest products and provide support to the teams running Haltech ECUs.

Making a triumphant return to the event, the legendary, Randy Seward took home the overall win for the QA1 True Street class.

The competition wasn’t easy though, Randy had to prove himself against 120 other entrants. With the help of his Elite 2500 and Race Expansion Module, Randy also pulled off a new PB of 8.23s @ 168mph and ran an average time of 8.37s.

“After 20 months working on a Marine base in Japan I finally got a chance to race the car again at the NMRA race in Bradenton this last weekend” said Randy.

“I had a good weekend, winning both the True Street competition on Saturday with a 8.37 average and then the 16 car Shootout on Sunday!”

“What surprised me was the engine hasn’t been touched since I won both of these in 2016, even the spark plugs were the same! I think that track likes my car.”

Also, in attendance was Mike Jovanis. With the help of his Elite 2500T Mike was able to run a new PB on two different sets of tires. 7.64 on 315, and 7.66 on 275.

After overcoming some challenges, Mike was able to still pull off the win in the 1/8 mile Outlaw True Street class.

“The Haltech Elite is working great for us. We have a trim knob in use to change boost curve, torque management driveshaft RPM target and launch rpm.”

“We have 6 positions set up for the 315 with very tight control of the 60 ft for true street and 6 positions set up for the 275 that allows the car to be more aggressive in the better prepped conditions of outlaw true street.”

A big thank you to all the other Haltech customers who showed up at the event, both as racers and spectators. We had a blast hanging out with everyone for the weekend, and we hope to see you again next year!