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30 Years of Cutting Edge Technology

It’s hard to believe 30 years have passed since Steve Mitchell, with the backing of his father Bill, started Haltech, back in 1986.

Mid 1980s was an interesting time for the automotive industry with the advent of electronic fuel injection changing the way enthusiasts and racers built and tuned their cars. Steve’s original intention was to develop diagnostic equipment for electronic fuel injection but a request by Modern Motor magazine to solve a problem of supplying fuel to a supercharged Ford project car led to the development of a supplementary fuel injection computer.

This was followed by a turbo timer, and within a short period of time Haltech had developed the world’s first real time (programmable with the engine running) PC-programmable engine management system. While screwdriver adjustable engine management systems had already been available and systems such as the (very expensive) English Zytek provided similar features, they were not programmable in real time.

Haltech’s first system, the F2 was soon followed by the F3 model which was produced by the thousands and, in a true testimony to the original design, many are still running today. The F7 model was produced with motorcycles and rotaries in mind, it was very quickly adopted by the V8 community who truly made it their own, proudly and loudly praising its performance and ease of use. The F7 was followed by a series of fuel only computers: F7A, F7B, F7C, F9, F9A to the F10.

The E5 fuel injection computer led to the development of the E6, E6A and E6S fuel injection/ignition timing computers that formed the basis for the very successful E6K computer. The E6 series spawned a whole new era of engine management where fuel and ignition was controlled along with idle speed and a number of ancillary devices.

Launched in 2009, the Platinum Series of ECUs marked a significant leap forward for Haltech with the brand expanding internationally making inroads in the highly competitive North American market. Platinum series proved extremely popular with many high-profile race teams successfully using them to set world records in their respective fields.



2014 marked another milestone with the release of the current Elite series. The Elite is by far the most advanced engine management system developed by Haltech and its international success is a testimony to the company’s philosophy of continuous improvement and pursuit of excellence.

Haltech products are currently selling to over 50 countries around the world. They are the driving force behind many record-setting race vehicles.


Haltech is actively involved with many popular car culture shows like Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws and the Mighty Car Mods. Haltech brand is recognised globally as the leader in its field, renowned for its cutting edge technology and customer support.

“Looking back, a lot has changed since Haltech’s humble beginning in 1986.” said Haltech CEO, Mark Bevan, “New technologies have changed the way we drive and race our cars, new product development process had to change in line with the rapid pace of computer hardware and software development.”

“Like all successful companies, Haltech has to adapt to stay abreast of all the emerging technologies and address changing expectations from tuners, racers and enthusiasts alike.”

There are however, things that haven’t and will never change – and that’s Haltech commitment to quality, innovation and the dedication and passion of our staff.

These qualities have been Haltech’s trademark since the beginning and are the main reason why thousands of people around the world choose Haltech for their engine management.


 Haltech Milestones

1986 – Haltech founded by Steve Mitchell

1987 – F2, Haltech’s first ECU launched

1988 – F2 successor, F3 launched

1990 – F7, F9

1992 – “E” series ECUs launched

1992 – E6A

1996 – E6K

1998 – E6M8

2003 – E11

2004 – F10

2005 – Interceptor launched

2007 – Partnership with RacePak formed

2009 – Platinum Series ECUs launched

2009 – Platinum Sport

2009 – Platinum Sprint

2010 – Platinum Pro Plugin

2014 – Elite Series ECUs launched

2014 – Elite 2500

2015 – Elite 1500

2016 – Elite 750, Elite 550

A very early Haltech ECU (featured on a TV program “Beyond 2000” circa 1988) on the Gary Willmington / John Leeson VL Group A Holden Commodore.

Early Haltech product brochures. The “Towards 2000” tagline gives their age away.

Floppy discs – remember them? These days Haltech software comes on a mini CD and is downloadable directly from our website.

Early adopters – we salute you!

The rotary community was quick to realise the benefits of using Haltech ECUs.

The Japanese import market quickly became Haltech’s stronghold and remains such to this day.


The V8 market soon followed with Haltech quickly gaining acceptance within the muscle car community.


Bill Lutz was the first Haltech drag racer to break into the 5-sec zone in his Pro Mod Camaro.