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540ci, 3500hp, twin turbo Raspberry Rocket

Affectionately called “Raspberry Rocket”, Dale Collins Jr’s Camaro is certainly one sweet ride.  

Powered by an alcohol drinking, 540ci, twin turbo engine built by Mark Benston.

Boost comes from a pair of 94mm Precision turbos.

The whole setup is controlled by Haltech’s Elite 2500 coupled with a REM (Race Expansion Module).

Dale’s office is all business with Haltech’s IQ3 display dash in a prominent position on a cleverly designed replica factory instrument cluster.

The combo is good for about 3500hp. All that power needs to be put down to the ground which is a big ask given the car’s small, 10.5 tires.

This is where the REM comes in handy with its ATM (Advanced Torque Management) function. Haltech also controls the shifting of the Liberty transmission. Dale references the shifts based on the engine RPM.

In Dale’s capable hands the Raspberry Rocket has been running consistent low sixes and with a PB of 6.01@235mph a five second pass seem just around the corner!

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