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734hp, 9-sec “FRI33D” R33 GTS-T


Peter Hanania loves Nissan Skylines, in particular R33s. Why? Because in his words, “They’re the best thing on earth!” This love shines through in his 1997 GTS-T affectionately dubbed FRI33D.  


Pete bought the car one year ago exactly. Back then it was a stripped out circuit car, with a 450rwkw RB25/30 combo built by Unigroup Engineering, but a lot has changed in the last year.


The 33 is now a full street spec car, sporting rear seats and a full interior, but it is no slouch. The 25/30 RB has been swapped out in favour of a Motor Sports Mechanical built RB30/26, stuffed full of  Nitto pistons and rods, and the ported 26 head is fitted with HKS cams.


35psi boost is provided via a Gen 2 Garret GTX3584RS on a 6Boost manifold, while a Turbosmart 50mm ‘gate and e-Boost2  keep things from getting out of hand. 


The set-up is good for a mean 548kW on the hub dyno, all controlled by Haltech Platinum Pro direct plug-in ECU, a CAN 02 wideband controller, plus a Haltech IQ3 dash and at least one of every Haltech sensor in the book. 


Getting all that power to the ground takes the hefty touch of a built 2-speed Powerglide and a custom diff.


Pete chose a GTS-T over the more famous GT-R because he loves the “RWD Boat Life” as he calls it, and wouldn’t have it any other way.  


With an ET of 9.6@145mph at a recent test and tune at Sydney Dragway, we see no reason why he would want to change either. 


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