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Overhauling the ‘Dung. AZN’s Beetle gets EFI and a Haltech ECU.


One man’s junk is another men’s treasure. This phrase might well have been coined for AZN’s car. Affectionately known as the “Dung Beetle”, this 1966 VW might look like a rusted, old, junk yard carcass but hidden underneath the hood is a heavily modified, turbocharged 2.3L motor that is more than capable of taking on any competition.

Haltech Highlights – SEMA 2018


From wild and wicked to weird and wacky, there was no shortage of automotive eye candy at this year’s SEMA show, including plenty of Haltech-powered rides! These were our highlights of SEMA 2018…

SEMA 2017 Highlights


With so many incredible builds on display, picking one’s favourite is not an easy task. Nevertheless this is exactly what we asked the Haltech SEMA crew to do.

30 Years of Cutting Edge Technology


Looking back, a lot has changed since Haltech’s humble beginning in 1986. New technologies have changed the way we drive and race our cars, new product development process had to change in line with the rapid pace of computer hardware and software development. There are however, things that haven’t and will never change – and that’s Haltech commitment to quality, innovation and the dedication and passion of our staff.

Kamikaze’s El Camino back with a vengeance


“I built this car in my garage with a very limited budget. I can’t wait to take on all the big-money cars!” Chris “Kamikaze” Day rebuilds one of Street Outlaws’ iconic cars and converts it to EFI and Haltech.

EFI – just what the good Doctor ordered


James Love aka Doc decides to upgrade the Street Beast to EFI.
“Street Outlaws is evolving and everyone is stepping up. If we don’t evolve, we’ll be left behind and that’s the last thing I want to happen!”