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A Laser With The Lot

Carl Robertson is the owner and driver of this very special Ford Laser.

Enhanced with a Cosworth wide body kit, the TX3 evokes its 1990s glory days while the WRCOZY number plate hints at what hides beneath the body work.

The engine is a four-cylinder Ford BPT. Destroked to 1753cc (to comply with Targa class rules) it features JE pistons, Mazda B6T rods and ARP studs.

Ported and polished Mazda BP26 head uses custom ground cams, Supertech valve springs and solid lifters.

The turbo is a PWRC VF22 with dual internal port wastegate and a steam-pipe manifold.

One of the most interesting things about this car though is its AWD system. Carl managed to transplant the entire front subframe from an Evo VII into the TX3.

Both the centre diff and the five speed gearbox have also been sourced from an Evo and complete an all-Mitsubishi drivetrain.

While the whole setup works well, Carl (whose driving ability is well above average and who openly admits to pushing his cars to their limits) plans to replace it with a sequential version in the near future.

Carl uses Haltech’s Elite 1500 ECU for all the injection, ignition and boost control duties.

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