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AMB Eclipse ready for maximum attack


Andrew Brilliant’s Mitsubishi Eclipse might be a newcomer to the Australian time attack scene but the car has had a long and colourful history back in the United States.

“What many people don’t realise is that this was my daily driver for many years and competed originally in land speed racing. I didn’t know anything about cars when I started and it turned into what it has very slowly.” recalls Andrew. “But I think that is something a lot of people can relate to.”


“I wanted to learn how to develop a car from beginning to end and I wanted aerodynamic freedom. Time attack seemed like the only form of racing where this was possible. Even with a GT car everything is developed at the manufacturer level, the teams don’t have their hands in construction, development or design.”

“In our debut Time Attack race we were elated to get second place, that’s competing against many factory cars! At round 2 we took out the entire street class, save one AWD car who later admitted to cheating. That was a FWD car beating close to 50 RWD and AWD cars! I think maybe that was the sweetest moment for us.”


Later that year, due to the change of rules the car was forced to move up to the Limited class. This didn’t faze Andrew or his crew and their efforts were rewarded with a Limited FWD title that year, followed by a back to back title next year and a track record. Andrew then set his sights on the Australia-based World Time Attack Challenge.


“I worked out a deal with GT Auto Garage to support the car in Australia. I had such a wonderful experience with those guys in the past on customer cars that I couldn’t have been any more keen.”

“After our first year at WTAC we had a lot of issues but we took everything we could from our time on track and one of the big lessons we learned was that when we are fighting with these lightweight Hondas such as Mighty Mouse that have lower power levels but are about 325kg lighter.”


It was then that Andrew approached Haltech and outlined his new plan of attack for the 2014 WTAC. “We needed a solution that would let us control the power output of the engine in a very advanced way with a huge control range and multiple offsets and calibration factors. I looked at some potential solutions out there and when I came across the capabilities of the Haltech ECU my eyes lit up.”

“This year I expect we will still play it conservative as we focus on reliability and putting the new ECU capabilities to work, but we have now opened the door to harness even more power in the future.”


Andrew’s goal is to be the quickest FWD car at WTAC. With the bar raised again last year there is little doubt that these are the fastest FWD cars ever constructed but Andrew remains optimistic: “With a rules enforced weight handicap of 200-300kg against our competitors we need everything to work that much better, but I think we can rise to the challenge.”


Just The Facts

The car is based on a Mitsubishi Eclipse and powered by a 2.4 litre, long rod stroker tuned by GT Auto Garage. Forced induction duties are handled by a Precision turbocharger kept in check by a Turbosmart Hypergate 45 wastegate. Haltech handles all engine management and data acquisition. 2100cc injectors, three Bosch 044 pressure pumps and a Turbosmart fuel pressure regulator look after the fuel supply.


The aero is a custom Andrew Brilliant (AMB Aero) designed wide body, aero package and APR tri-element wing. All CFD designed and wind tunnel tested.

Andrew’s Eclipse has an impressive track record with 2009 & 2010 Super Lap Battle Limited FF titles and a few track records to boot: M-FWD/Limited FF Buttonwillow Raceway, S-FWD Spring Mountain Motorsports Park, S-FWD Willow Springs International Raceway.