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Anatomy of Australia’s Quickest LS Car

6.77@208mph. That’s the time you need to beat if you want to take the title of Australia’s Quickest LS powered car off Nathan Farrugia.

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This ET is even more impressive when you consider it’s been achieved by a short wheelbase Mazda RX-3 running 275 street radials.

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Co-owned by Nathan and his friend Terry Androutsos, the car has been a labour of love for both guys and the builder/tuner Dale Heiler from Castle Hill Performance.

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Squeezed into the rather small RX-3 engine bay is 427 cubic inches of GM’s LS7 goodness.

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Plazmaman billet intake manifold sits atop the engine with two massive Garrett turbochargers pushing boosted air in at around 32psi. The whole setup produces an impressive 2400hp at the wheels.

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The engine management system consists of an Elite 2500 and a Race Expansion Module (REM). This setup lets Nathan run 16 injector, direct fire ignition  and employ Haltech’s Advanced Torque Management system. The extra inputs available on the REM also allow Nathan to run a host of additional sensors.

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280lbs primary and 500lbs secondary injectors provide a steady flow of methanol to the engine.

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Feeding all those hungry injectors is a mechanical pump located in the boot of the car.

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Boost is managed by the Elite 2500 with the help of Turbosmart external wastegates.

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The wastegates are kept in check with Haltech’s closed loop system that pumps CO2 into the wastegates’ “Hats” and controls the wastegate hat pressure via ECU controlled solenoids. The two rotary trim switches mounted to the left of the CO2 bottle control startline launch RPM (each click adds 15RPM) and Boost Ramp.

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Haltech IQ3 Dash reads and displays all the important engine data. The green button on the steering wheel activates the trans brake while the red one controls the line lock during burnouts and becomes bump control when the trans brake is activated.

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The car is famous not just for its record-breaking runs but for its reliability and consistency. Squeezed into this compact frame is a well thought-out and finely tuned racing package that delivers results run after run, race after race. And that’s quite an achievement in today’s ultra-competitive drag racing world.

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