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Backdraft – A Maloo packing some heat up back

When we spotted this ute at this weekend’s Racewars in Albany, Western Australia it was the retina-searing orange paint that first caught our eye, but upon closer inspection, it was what’s in the tray of this VZ Maloo that warranted a second look.

Originally built by ASG Motorsports, the LS under the hood doesn’t seem too out of the ordinary, until you realise the intake pipe hangs a sharp left and makes its way through the firewall.

The pipe passes through the cab and is greeted in the tray by one rather large turbo.

Aaron from ASG tells us it is not the size of the turbo that caused him to mount it there, but rather the want to keep intake temperatures down. 

The turbo itself is a whopping Garrett GT55 and provided enough boost to propel the ute to a very speedy 286km/h over the Racewars half mile.

Aaron is confident there is more speed to come, as data logs pulled from the Haltech Elite 2500 showed that driver/owner Warwick was struggling with traction issues and only using about 52-60% of the throttle.

If you’d like to know more about this ute, keep an eye out on the Haltech YouTube channel, as we’ll be posting our video interview with Aaron in the upcoming weeks.