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Bevan’s Black Beauty RX-7FD

FD RX-7s are know for their sporty, aggressive stance right out of factory, but that doesn’t mean the look can’t be improved upon.

Bevan’s PORNRX is a good example of a tough, multi-purpose rotary weapon with plenty of get up and go.

The engine is a turbocharged, bridge-port/semi peripheral port 13B with six injectors. Making 480kW on 26psi of boost this RX-7 is no sluch and Bevan openly confesses to “scaring the pants off” his mates when he puts his foot down.

The car is regularly street-driven with an occasional track day thrown in and has seen some strip action as well, running a PB of 11.4sec. With a few upgrades, Bevan hopes to see the power output climb over 500kW and the quarter mile fall to a 10 second mark.

The engine management is an all-Haltech affair with the IQ3 dash ensuring Bevan is updated with all the important engine data.