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Brian Devilbiss’ 2000hp, 6-second Shelby GT500

Looking deceptively like a modified street car, this 2013 Shelby GT500 one hell of a ride.

Owned and driven by Brian Devilbiss, the turbocharged Shelby certainly lives up to its moniker “Devil’s Reject”.

2017 was a pivotal year for both Brian and his car. With major suspension and chassis tweaks by Henry Fryfogle from HFR Fabrications and the tuning prowess of Patrick Barnhill, the car was double entered in both the Modular Xtreme and Terminator vs GT500 Shootout.

Incredibly, Brian managed to win both classes at the 23rd NMRA Spring Break Shootout.

Halfway through the season, Brian decided on a move to the X275 and Street Outlaw class.

In order to remain competitive, the car had to undergo some serious weight reduction which included the removal of all unnecessary items from the engine bay as well as a redesign of the roll cage.

The heart of this hellish beast is a 5.8L, quad cam, four valve, Ford modular motor.

A giant, 94mm Precision turbo provides the boost which helps the engine put down in excess of 2000hp with just 33psi.

An all-Haltech system comprising of an Elite 2500, REM, IQ3 and ignition coils looks after the fuel injection and ignition.

The Elite 2500/REM combo provides Brain with plenty of race functions like torque management and boost-control. The Elite also controls the 3-speed Turbo 400 transmission.

Brian’s current PB with a 275 tyre is [email protected] over a quarter and  [email protected] over an eighth mile. Not bad for a car still running factory block and head!

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