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Bringing SXY Back

When we first set our eyes on Marty’s 2Sexy Mitsubishi Lancer it was getting ready to take on Moog’s “Wasaabi” Saab in the Mighty Car Mods’ $3000 turbo car challenge.


Back then it featured a full Auto Salon spec body kit, a bright red interior complete with a monster tacho and a novelty gear knob. It also had a turbo which essentially made it an Evo.


Massive wheels and low profile rubber contributed to “not so great” ride.


Over the course of the series, Marty had to fix a leaky turbo, repair the manifold, weld the exhaust, add a wideband, de-cap the injectors, change the clutch, upgrade the ECU, and tune it with the help of Haltech’s own Dave and Scott (aka Tuning Fork). 


The “Stancer”, as it was dubbed, made 101.8kW  but ultimately lost the $3000 turbo car challenge against Wasaabi.


Despite the crushing defeat, or perhaps in spite of it, Marty decided to keep the car, and the boys took on the job of unmodifying the Mitsubishi.


Stripping the body work off and applying a fresh coat of bright blue Evo 10 paint immediately gave the Lancer a more purposeful, tougher look.


The red interior came out and was literally taken to the dump. In its place we now see a much more subtle, “almost stock” dark grey trim.


A roll cage and a race seat hint at Marty’s intentions of turning this car into a “weekend racer”.


Old chrome wheels were replaced with classier, sportier rims and stickier rubber. 


Performance upgrades to date include a free-er flowing side pipe exhaust from our friends at Castle hill Exhaust and an LS1 ignition coil conversion.


MCA coil overs will no doubt improve handling while rear disc brake conversion will help slow the little Mitsi down.


Aside from the custom turbo setup another area that will make this 1.5L four cylinder engine stronger and more reliable is this ignition coil conversion. Using this setup will allow Marty to increase the boost without the risk of misfiring.


In order for the Elite 750 to control the four ignition coils a cam sensor had to be added. With both crank and cam sensors in place the ECU can determine not just the engine speed (RPM) but also its position (which cylinders are at the top dead centre position on each stroke) making direct fire ignition and sequential injection possible.


While the car is still definitely a “work in progress” we really like the direction it’s heading in.  It might have lost some of its “sexiness” but it’s certainly making it up in the street cred department!

Bonus Images:


Yes, the rubber snake came with the car…


Red and white leather trim with matching door panels, chequered plate floor boards, custom gauge panel. What’s there not to like?


Bonnet mounted gauges were all the rage in the early 2000s. Not so much nowadays…


Clean is nice.


Notice something missing? The short, side exiting exhaust catches everyone by surprise!


The interior still needs a bit of work but already it looks a hundred times better than before. The jury is still out on the shifter…


Marty’s bringing SXY back….