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Burnoutology with Farmtruck & AZN

If there is one activity that defines Australian unbridled passion for automotive abuse it is The Burnout.

A uniquely Australian form of motorsport, The Burnout, also called a skid, may look to the uninitiated like uncontrolled mayhem, but is, in actual fact, a proper professional form of motorsport, complete with its own rules and judging system.

The main aim of a burnout is to make as much smoke as possible. Points are awarded for instant smoke, volume of smoke, and a constant stream of smoke throughout the length of the burnout, which in most cases must be at least a full minute long.

Driving style is also important and points are awarded for driving skill, from the manic entrance the vehicles make when first moving onto the burnout pad (that’s called the “tip in”) to the moment they leave the pad.

Vehicles must leave the pad under their own power, otherwise points are deducted.

Points are also deducted for stopping or stalling, reversing, hitting the barrier, and catching on fire!

The last piece of the burnout puzzle is the all-important tyre pop. Burnouts that end with the treads intact are considered poor form.

This year Street Outlaws stars Farmtruck and AZN were invited to take part in the Summernats burnout competition, piloting a specially built Skid Truck version of Farm Truck that was shipped out from the States and put together with the help of the students at the Canberra Institute of Technology and Haltech.

The C10 received an engine upgrade in the form of a 6L L77 with a Magnuson Heartbeat Supercharger.

The engine is controlled by Haltech’s Elite 2500.

Haltech’s IQ3 dash displays all the important data.

The Skid Truck made its debut on Friday with a spirited tip in but quickly spun out of control hitting the wall. Twice. Fortunately, the damage proved to be superficial with all the important parts escaping unharmed.

With the truck hastily repaired overnight, Farmtruck and ANZ hit the pad again ready for a better day. Their burnout started off a little less hectic than the day before and was looking like a good skid until bad luck, unfortunately, hit them again. 

The Skid Truck suffered a broken axle, plus a blown thermofan fuse caused overheating and put an end to their skid. Luckily major engine damage was avoided thanks to Haltech engine protection kicking in, shutting the motor down and keeping the Skid Truck alive for the final burnout on the Sunday.

AZN took over the driving duties on the last day and nosed the truck into the barrier to do an “American-style” burnout.

“Let me put it this way,” said Farmtruck “Australians make it look easy and that’s a true sign of a Pro.”

“Anyone who thinks they can just jump on that skid pad, tip it in and just do some doughnuts without hitting the wall, they’re full of it!” added AZN.

If you’ve never seen a professional burnout competition first hand, do yourself a favour and check out Summernats, held every year in Australia’s capital city – Canberra in the first week of January.

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