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Dal Sangha joins the Haltech 5-second club

Canadian racer Dal Sangha breaks into the elusive 5-second zone in his Hemi powered Mustang.

Dal’s previous PB was a [email protected] set back in November 2017 with the then brand new 483 BAE Hemi.

“We struggled all of the 2018 season with tire shake, having run a best time of [email protected]

“We consulted with Kenny Lutz and longtime friend and fellow racer Giuseppe Gentile on chassis and 4-link setups, preparing for the SCSN 14. Due to his prior commitments, Kenny committed to tuning our Haltech Elite 2500 remotely. “

Dal came out strong with a [email protected] for the first round of qualifying. He then skipped the 5.90s dropping right into a [email protected] in the second round of qualifying. The fastest pass of the event came in the third round.

“We were able to put together a [email protected] which gave us the top qualifying spot in an extremely fast field of promod cars!”

“With Kenny Lutz’s tuning the Haltech system performed faultlessly. We finally have our DMW Race Cars 2010 Mustang ready to go even quicker in 2019!”

Dal’s Mustang is powered by a twin turbo, 483ci Hemi built by T-bone at High Performance Engines.  The engine makes over 3000hp with some help from two 88 GTX Gen 2 Garrett turbochargers.

All that power gets to the ground through a Protorque EV1 convertor with a Rossler 3spd transmission. The whole setup is controlled by a Haltech Elite 2500 ECU.

“Our last pass would have been our best, but I crossed over into my competitor’s lane stopping his clocks with our car. The time slip would show our car running [email protected] and our best numbers in the 1/8 mile, [email protected] mph.”