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Dale Malone’s GT300 S15 Silvia

Most of our JDM fans are familiar with the All Japan Grand Touring Car Championship (JGTC) also known as Japanese Super GT series. Most also know just how rarely these cars are ever seen outside of Japan.


Needless to say when we heard that an early 2000s GT300 Silvia has been purchased by a private buyer in Sydney we were both excited and curious. When we found out it was running a Haltech ECU we just had to get a closer look!


With its striking low stance and distinctive bodywork there’s no denying this Silvia’s JGTC heritage. Dale’s S15 was originally owned by Hasemi Motorsport and competed in the GT300 class where it finished 3rd  in 2001 and 2002.


In contrast to GT500 cars that were owned and raced by Nismo, GT300 cars were mostly operated by private teams while Nismo still retained the ownership. Following its final racing season Dale’s car was released for sale and was purchased by a private buyer in Norway.

After racing at Gatebil the car resurfaced on the market again and was quickly snapped up by Dale, a self-confessed JGTC and Nissan fan.


When the car arrived in Sydney it had no engine, gearbox or electronics. Luckily, its original, Autostaff-built chassis was still in tact.


Dale was able to track down one of the original engines used in the car during its JGTC career. The engine was then matched to a HGT sequential six speed transmission and ATS Carbon multi-plate 1400kg clutch system.


The dry sumped SR20DET features a 91mm stroke, 87mm bore, giving it a capacity of 2.2L. The internals are all Nismo. From the block, cylinder head, conrods, crank and camshaft right down to the head gasket and head studs all components are factory racing spec items.

Jecs side feed 1000cc injectors are mounted on a Nismo GT fuel Rail. The setup is currently running at its original GT300 class 300hp limit but Dale is confident a touch more boost and a few mods will see that figure jump to around 500 to 600hp.


Engine management duties are handled by Haltech’s Elite 2500 which controls injection, ignition and the sequential transmission.


Haltech IQ3 dash tells Dale what’s going on and logs all the essential data.


Nismo-designed suspension features Bilstein magnesium GT horizontally mounted shock absorbers.


Liquid cooled brakes have been commissioned by Nismo from AP Racing (front) and Alcon (rear) and are more than adequate for slowing the beast down.


Whether it’s up close or from a distance it’s easy to see just how influential the “Super GT look” has been within the modified import scene.

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