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Damon Chin’s 5-second Celica

There’s only a handful of imports that can claim a 5-second quarter ET. Damon Chin’s “Rude Bwoy” Celica is one of them.

Using a Pro Mod chassis designed by JC RaceCars, the car’s PB to date is an incredible [email protected]

The heart of this beast is a Toyota’s venerable 2JZ – Capacity has been expanded to 3.2L. The engine still uses a stock crank, block and cylinder head.

Precision 102mm turbo provides the boost.

Damon uses an Elite 2500 + Elite REM combo which allows him to run two injectors per cylinder.

The setup pumps approximately 7.5L of alcohol per minute to each cylinder.  The car is tuned by Richie Rosado from Rosado Racing.

“We are pumping so much fuel into the engine, I’m running out of fuel on quarter-mile runs!” laughs Damon. “We might have to put in a larger fuel tank.”

Transmission is a 5 speed Liberty air shift controlled by the Elite 2500. The ECU shifts according to pre-programmed RPM-based shift points.

The air shifter is powered by CO2. Damon also uses CO2 for boost control and chute deployment.

Damon’s Celica is currently the fastest Haltech-powered import in the world but Damon’s ambition is to go even faster. After all, records are there to be broken!


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