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Dominator Revisited


It’s been over four months since Street Outlaws’ Joe Woods decided to go EFI and installed an all-Haltech system on his big block Chevy powered Dodge Dart. We caught up with Joe recently to see how he likes the setup now that he has experienced racing and living with it on day-to-day basis.


Being a racer, the most important thing for Joe was to make more power and go faster. It seems like the new system delivered on both counts.

“We’ve done back-to-back dyno runs and the swap to EFI alone gave us 90hp more. To date, the car has gone 3 tenths faster over 1/8th mile.”


One of the areas where the improvements were immediately apparent were cold starts.

“It’s ten times easier to start on cold mornings now. Once you start it, you can just walk away.”

An unexpected change that had to be made shortly after the EFI swap was a set of bigger throttle springs: “The throttle response is just ridiculous, we had to move to bigger throttle springs as the car was lunging forward when driven over bumps!”


Another reason behind Joe’s decision to go EFI was the ability to use an ECU-controlled dry Nitrous system.

“We can run up to six systems now, we can control individual cylinder timing per stage giving us infinetely more flexibility.”

“Our Nitrous system is now fully controlled by the Elite ECU. I’ve done away with over 4o pounds of wiring and gauges, we threw away an entire switch panel as it’s all going through the ECU now and gets displayed and logged on the IQ3 Dash.”

As the system is also equipped with a Flex Fuel sensor Joe can switch between E85 and alcohol as needed.


Data acquisition was something that Joe was particularly excited about: “We now have data for everything. We race, we come back and check everything. Nitrous bottle pressures, drive shaft speed, rpm, coolant temperature, anything we want is there.”


“The best part about this system was that I didn’t have to understand everything about it, it wasn’t so complicated that I couldn’t make it work.”

“So far there’s absolutely nothing that I don’t like about the system. I honestly have zero complaints”


Shortly after our visit, Joe along with some other Street Outlaws attended EFI University seminar to learn some tricks of the trade from one of most recognized names in tuning and EFI – Ben Strader.