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Haltech Door Wars Wrap-Up


The annual Haltech Door Wars was set to be one of the biggest and baddest drag racing events on our calendar, unfortunately bad weather and drag racing just don’t mix. Due to a terrible weather forecast leading up to the event, most of the racing was either cancelled or postponed.


Sadly, one of the classes we were most looking forward to seeing, the Radial vs the World, featuring several Haltech pro drag radial racers; John Carinci, Nick Agostino, Buck Jarvis and Dale Collins ended up being cancelled.

Friday’s dismal weather did not dampen the fantastic attendance of the North East Outlaw Promod Association NEOPMA teams on Saturday with nineteen PM teams attending all running faster and better than expected passes.


Saturday testing saw many teams turn their best 60 foot and 1/8th mile times ever. Tommy Gray shocked everyone by breaking the track and NEOPMA ET record with his 5.78@243mph followed by an even more impressive 5.72@245mph. By end of the race there were 8 cars in the 5.90s or faster category.

A cloudy and chilly Sunday saw an an abbreviated North East Outlaw Promod Association NEOPMA race.


Round 1

Al Martorino clicked off a 5.99 defeating Steve Drummond 6.44 (electrical issues). Dean Marinis / Pappas team ran a 5.94 beating the King / Miller team who had been struggling all day. Ed Burnley 5.982@236mph beat Fred Scriba’s team by inches with a 6.07. Angela Ray Kinsen put Vinny Budano (traction issues) on the trailer with her 5.88@237mph. Kevin McCurdy ran a 5.82@247mph as Gary Hood fouled. Nick Montana (6.12) and Craig Pio (6.11 ) had a nose to nose race with Nick’s winning hole shot. Tom Gray’s 6.56 ET beat Ken Ferguson due to major tire shake. Dwayne Wolfe had run a 5.89 in qualifying but broke on the starting line and couldn’t get the car started .


Round 2

Tommy Gray’s 5.76 put Nick Montana (who lifted due to tire shake) on the trailer. Kevin McCurdy lifted and lost to Angela Ray Kinsen’s 5.88@238. Ed Burnley lucked out and got a bye run and ran a 5.94. Dean Marinis / Pappas team 5.90 nosed out Al Martorino’s 6.00.


Round 3

By this time the weather was deteriorating with ambient temperature dropping and and an occasional drizzle. Angela Ray Kinsen cut a great light and ran a 5.88 but Tommy Gray caught up just after the 1/8th mile and won with a 5.76. Dean Marinis and Ed Burnley were in a duel as two super drivers. Dean went 5.90 to Ed’s 5.89 with Ed just taking the win.


Unfortunately the finals had to be postponed due to the rain.  Tommy and Ed will battle it out at the next race at Capitol.


Congratulations to Lizzy Musi for setting the new national ET standard in 1/8th mile Pro Nitrous with an ET of 3.631@205.85mph.


Congratulations also to Melanie Salemi for setting the new ET track record at Maryland International Raceway in Pro Boost with a 3.747 ET.


Shawn Pevlor debuted his all new No Time/Grudge Mustang in the Small Block No Time shootout class. He took the win in the class.


Brian Hard’s roots blown Camaro (above) made its debut with a new Haltech setup.


Driven by crew chief and 2016 NEOPMA Champion Kevin McCurdy the car made several good half track passes in testing throughout the week showing plenty of potential.


The car is tuned by Patrick Barnhill with suspension set up by Andy Lambert of PRS.