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EFI – just what the good Doctor ordered

Street Outlaws are stepping up big time this season with the top runner’s cars closely resembling Pro Mod racers rather than street cars.


“To be honest, I’m not a big fan of it,” says Doc, “We started racing in cars we used to drive to school and cruise around in, and I think that’s the cars we should be racing.”


“But the show is evolving and if we don’t evolve with it, we’ll be left behind.”


And being left behind is the last thing Doc wants as his eyes are firmly fixed on the main prize – Number One spot on The List.


“It’s all about getting lighter, stronger and faster. EFI seems to be the next logical step for the Street Beast.”


A few months later the Street Beast rolled into EFI University’s garage for a total EFI make-over. Doc’s 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo aka Street Beast is powered by a 706ci big block Chevrolet motor.

Dave Visner custom intake manifold and throttle bodies (Big Duel) sit proudly atop the big, bad Chevy V8.


Fuel is injected via  Fuel Injector Clinic injectors with the flow provided by a Magnafuel pump.


The engine management panel consists of an Elite 2500 ECU and a soon to be officially released Race Expansion Module (REM) and a CAN Hub.


Numerous sensors including EGTs, O2 as well as front and rear shock sensors feed the data to the ECU. Haltech’s IQ3 logger dash stores the data for easy access and analysis.


Racepak Switchpanel and SmartWire module complete this sophisticated yet very tidy and intuitive setup.


“I wanted to make sure I get the best of everything, the best engine management and the best people to fit it and tune it.”


“The way I saw it was: if I’m gonna do it, I gotta do it right.”


4-stage Nitrous injection is controlled by the Elite and the whole system has been set up by the Nitrous guru Monte Smith.

Ben Strader and Seth Francis took care of the wiring and tuning.


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