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Elite 1500 vs Elite 2500: What’s the difference?


The introduction of Elite 2500’s younger brother – Elite 1500 spawned numerous questions, most commonly asked one being “what’s the difference between the two?”

It is with that question in mind that we’ve compiled this article. The information below will help you decide between the two.

What’s the same:
• Waterproof case
• Drive-By-Wire
• Variable Cam Control
• Self Learning Fuel Maps
• Data Logging
• Anti-Lag and Launch Control
• Open and Closed Loop Boost Control
• Both run on the new ESP software

What’s different:
Elite 1500 is ideal for 4 cylinder or 2 rotor engines.
It has 4 fuel and 4 ignition outputs and single knock control.

Elite 2500 is ideal for 6, 8 cylinder or 3, 4 rotor engines.
It has 8 fuel and 8 ignition outpus and dual knock control.

In the video below Matt explains all the differences between the new Elite 1500 and its older brother Elite 2500.