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Product Overview: Yamaha FZS/FZR WaveRunner Plug’n’Play Adaptor

Yamaha’s FZS/FZR Waverunner series jet skis are powered by a 1.8L, four cylinder, supercharged engine producing around 300hp from factory.


Popular with leisure as well as competitive riders, they are always in demand and attract a growing aftermarket performance following.


The demand for an aftermarket stand-alone solution for this craft has been steadily growing and today we are happy to announce the Elite Patch Harness Kit for the Yamaha FZS/FZR.


The kit utilises an Elite 1500 ECU with a patch loom that plugs directly into Yamaha’s factory harness. There is no need for complicated rewiring as the kit uses all factory sensors and the factory drive-by-wire, thus leaving all the factory options in tact.


Fitting a Haltech Elite kit to your jet ski opens up a whole world of tuning possibilities, from different fuel options, rev limiter reset, upgrading injectors as well as adding a turbocharger or an aftermarket supercharger.


An optional Wideband Kit allows the user to take full advantage of Elite’s self tuning capabilities as well as enabling the Engine Protection feature.

This kit is compatible with all Yamaha Waverunner series jet skis manufactured after 2008 using the 1.8L high output Yamaha Marine engine. Available now from all Haltech Authorised Dealers or from Haltech Online Store.

Elite 1500 Adapter Harness Kit for Yamaha FZS/FZR Waverunner


Part Number: HT-150980
Included in the kit: Elite 1500 ECU, Patch Harness, AUX and CAN expansion plugs, mounting bracket.


Optional Wideband Expansion Kit


Part Number: HT-010730
Included in the kit: WB1 controller, terminated wiring harness, 02 sensor adapter.