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Firmware Update Overview

Over the last few months we have been busy updating the Elite Series firmware to make it faster and more user-friendly. Here is a quick run down on some of the new features and functions that we have implemented and are about to implement.

Faster communication speed.
Elite ECUs now go online with the ESP software much faster than previous versions, cutting the initial online time by around 30 seconds and the making the subsequent logins almost instant.

Faster download speed.
Data log download speed has been bumped up and is now almost instant, allowing tuners to get data out quickly.

Cruise Control.
You can now race your car at the strip or circuit then enable cruise control on the way home and relax! Note: electronic throttle and a cruise control input is required for the function to work.

Advanced closed loop flat shifting.
Perfect for sequential transmission that need a power reduction on full throttle shifting.

Advanced progressive Nitrous strategy.
Control your nitrous solenoids in a Wet or Dry setup and enable the system based on any conditions you can imagine. Perfect for racing classes who are limited to one or two stages of nitrous.

Humidity sensor support.
You can now map your Nitrous volumes and corrections against “Water Grains” or specific humidity. A must for a Nitrous Pro-Mod Racer.

Delay timer for transbrake bump.
Upon the release of the transbrake button, there is a programmable delay until the transbrake output actually releases to prevent Red Light start.

Advanced Torque Management Mapping.
ATM can now be mapped against a target Driveshaft RPM, a Target Engine RPM or both!

COMING SOON: More logging memory.
The logging space on two-connector ECUs goes up from 2mb to 8mb. Single-connector ECUs go up to 1mb.

COMING SOON: Full support for the Ford Falcon Barra 4.0L.
The popular Ford Falcon Elite Pro Plug-in support for FG Mk I along with the already supported BA, BF, FG Mk II as well as FGX .

COMING SOON: Electronic throttle blip.
This function automatically blips the throttle on downshifts for the perfect shift every time. Prevents gearbox wear and avoids the car getting unsettled during midcorner downshifts.