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Fury Road


There is more to this beautifully restored Plymouth Fury III than meets the eye. It might look like classic American muscle on the outside but look closer and you’ll notice plenty of cutting edge technology lurking underneath.


Gone is the old carburetor engine, replaced with a modern 6.1L fuel injected Hemi.


The list of mods is long and extensive. OEM Hemi intake manifold is supported with a DBW throttle body, Aeromotive fuel rails and Deatschwerks injectors. Fuel system got upgraded with a Bosch 044 pump and a catch tank.


Haltech’s Elite 2500 ECU is tucked away under the dashboard on the passenger side. A brand new custom engine loom was built to support all the modern features like drive-by-wire, dual bank lambda control, dual bank knock control, variable coolant fan speed and the right amount of fuel and ideal ignition timing.


With the electrical environment all sorted and working, a Haltech controlled check engine and oil pressure warning lights were installed.


Apart from the ECU the setup also uses Haltech’s HPI 8 igniter, air intake temp sensor, coolant temp sensor and a solid state relay for variable coolant fan speed control.

Plymouth 6.1l

The EFI conversion along with all electrical work and tuning was done by ECU Performance Kaps & Biegler OG.

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