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Go Go Power Ranger!


We’re lucky enough to see some really cool cars here at Haltech, but once in a while something different catches our eye and we just need to know more. That’s what happened when Benjamin Spann contacted us to ask a few questions about tuning his Range Rover.


What Benjamin has here is one of the coolest 1971 Range Rover Classic 2 doors we’ve ever seen. Benjamin has been restoring the beastly 4×4 for 9 years now, and as part of the job decided to get rid of the stock 3.5L v8 that came with the vehicle and put in a Land Rover 4.6L.


It was only afterwards that he realized the ECU he had initially planned to manage the engine wouldn’t be up to the job. After about two months of scratching his head, a friend recommended Haltech’s Elite series to Benjamin. After doing some research Benjamin came to the conclusion that the Elite 2500 would be the best best bang for his buck.


Along with the Elite 2500, Ben also installed a Dual Channel Wideband controller, a Haltech​ High Power Igniter (HPI) module and a Haltech IQ3 display dash, plus he’s dumped the stock Land Rover injectors in favour of some Ford Racing ones.


The Rover sits high on a 6″ suspension lift, while a whole parts bin of Heavy Duty Gwyn Lewis driveshafts and axles send power to the big 33″ BFG Mud Terrains. A custom-built A-frame was fabbed together to center the rear axle and prevent movement due to torque, and heavy duty steering arms keep the big Rover tracking true and straight. 


Ben did all the wiring himself and says he had very few issues with the whole engine swap.
“It was quite an experience getting into the EFi world after playing around with carburettors for years, but I thoroughly enjoyed the learning process and wouldn’t have changed it for the world!”

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