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Going EFI with Street Outlaws

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, Street Outlaws is a TV show based around a group of renegade street racers.

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Shown on Discovery Channel and currently in its 6th season, the Street Outlaws crews build and modify their rides to compete against each other for a spot on “The List”. As there’s only room for ten on The List, the competition is fierce and each episode is riddled with drama and controversy.

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When you look at the Street Outlaws’ cars they all seem to have one thing in common – they’re all good, old fashioned, high powered, American muscle cars. And when you think old school, high powered American muscle you think carburetors right? Well, that’s all about to change.

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Joe Woods aka Dominator has been a consistent performer on the show with his 1967 Dodge Dart. Despite being often called “the quiet guy” on The List, Joe’s performance during the challenges speak louder than words and he is always on the lookout for anything that would give him an edge over other competitors.

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So when Joe’s friend (and an experienced Haltech tuner) Dale suggested, half jokingly, that if Joe ever wanted to go the EFI route to give him a call, Joe didn’t have to think too hard.

What started as a casual conversation quickly escalated to a full blown plan to convert Joe’s car to EFI. A couple of months later Dale rocked up to Joe’s garage with a full Haltech Tech Team in tow and a trailer full of Haltech products.

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Knowing how important this conversion was to Joe, we brought out the big guns, from the Kentucky office we had Eric, Jason and Andrew and all the way from the Australian office – Mitch along with Dale from Castle Hill Performance.

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Converting a 1000hp, nitrous injected 630ci big block Chevy to EFI is not an easy task so it was all hands on deck from the moment the Haltech Team arrived.

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“We must have installed half of our product catalogue in Joe’s car,” recalls Mitch, “from Elite 2500, IQ3 dash to PowerSelect CDI, TCAs, I/O Expander, Wideband Controller and SmartWire. Of course doing it this way we knew it was all going to work together as a single system, that was the whole point of the conversion.”

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Faced with such a huge task the guys divided the tasks so at any one time everyone was in charge of one part of the job. While someone was doing the wiring, someone else would be making up the fuel system, fabricating custom fuel rails etc. It really was a team effort.

“It was great to see all our guys working together as a team,” said Eric Gash, GM of Haltech USA, “to think what we’ve achieved in just seven days – it’s just incredible.”

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“I can’t say enough about the Haltech team,” said Joe, “Those guys have skills! The only electronics I have ever messed with has been an MSD grid controller. I could not have done this in a month and we have managed to do it all in 7 days. Very long days but 7 days nonetheless.”

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While the system might look complex and quite intricate it actually simplifies Joe’s setup quite considerably. Rather than going through several different systems, everything is now controlled by one system. Fuel, ignition, nitrous injection are all running through the Elite 2500 ECU.

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Joe can now enjoy repeatable and consistent control of the tuning and the car is now less susceptible to weather changes with all of the corrections built into the ECU.

With the full system fitted Joe will also now have the advantage of complete data logging making tuning and future upgrades considerably easier.

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The benefits of the conversion became apparent almost immediately. The car was easier to start and performed better when cold. Power was made earlier and held peak power for longer compared to the old, carburetor setup.

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Joe was particularly impressed with the four stage nitrous control. With dual Wideband Oxygen Sensors accompanied by eight individual EGT sensors, Haltech Elite 2500 can assign nitrous hits depending on time, that is activating the initial injection on the car’s launch and following it up with additional hits during the car’s acceleration, all while keeping the air fuel ratios in check using Elite’s closed loop fuel control.

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“I am 100% confident that this system is going to put my program in an entirely different category. We have made 90hp more on the same dyno in just 7days. I can honestly say that I have not been a part of a transformation like this for 15 years!” said Joe after the first dyno run.

“The Haltech software is amazing! You guys knocked pounds per hour for nitrous tuning out of the park! It worked flawlessly and I can not wait to make some hits with this thing. It made 90hp more N/A and it made 90hp more on the nitrous!”

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“Not only are the peaks high but the power curve is very broad. That is big! It’s not 90hp from adding more nitrous, it’s 90hp I had left on the table that is just pure clean horsepower.”

Good news travels quickly within the Street Outlaws community and it looks like we already have another three racers from The List keen to convert to EFI and Haltech.

We have a feeling Season 5 is going to end on a high note for Dominator!

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ABOVE: Smiles all ’round. From left to right: Derek, Mitch, Doc, Joe and Dale.

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