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Gridlife kicks off the 2017 TrackBattle series


The #GridLife staff puts on an event unlike any other. The brilliant mix of competition and learning environments that promote an all-inclusive community above all else is refreshing. Haltech is very excited to be a part of this community and to help #GridLife promote the circuit racing genre. Track Battle Round 1, GridLife’s inaugural event at the historic Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, was held April 8th and 9th.


On the Friday preceding the event, local temps hovered just above freezing and a blanket of wintery mix covered the track and surrounding landscape. Those paying attention to the forecast however knew that the dismal conditions would be short-lived and the outlook promised excellent track conditions for the remainder of the weekend.


Saturday morning, huddled together wearing thick overcoats and grasping cups of warm coffee the mandatory driver’s meeting attendees struggled against the frigid morning temperatures.

As the sun rolled up over the peak of it’s iconic timing tower the world famous Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course thawed and stirred to life
 and, with caution, drivers took to the track to shake off a winter’s worth of cobwebs. Some tested new upgrades and some tested all new machines.


Soon the chill temperatures warmed and gave way to excellent track conditions. By afternoon the guttural roar of time attack cars at full tilt echoed across the countryside.


The Time Attack competition heated up early with several changes in FTD (Fastest Time of the Day) and the lead repeatedly changed hands among drivers in the various classes.


Saturday drew to a close early as NASCAR had rented the track for testing road course setups. However the sounds of stock cars ripping around the course’s 13 turns never came to fruition and the track lay dormant until the following day. Sunday’s forecast called for much warmer temperatures and as the dawning sun again dismissed the crisp twilight and shone on the track the promise of another perfect day for racing was fulfilled.


The gasoline belching monsters berthed in their garages and under their awnings once again rose to meet the challenge of competition.


As the tarmac warmed, lap times decreased and the show the competitors put on did not disappoint.


Kevin Parlett’s Haltech equipped, twin-turbo G35 ran well all weekend but as Kevin was new to the track, he spent much of the event learning the circuit and posted a very respectable 1:41.755 earning him 310 primary points in the most populated class for the event.


At the climax of the event, Joshua Orr in his Haltech equipped Twin-Turbo Nissan 350Z rose to the top of the Street Mod RWD class and held off fierce competition by besting his own time again and again.


When the dust settled Josh had managed a best lap of 1:38.299 in his Nissan, enough to secure a 1st place finish and a lap record for the track and class!


#Gridlife is just as much about promoting the comradery found at your local speed circuit as it is the thrill of competition. Blended in with the Time Attack sessions are HPDE (High Performance Driving Event) sessions.


These HPDE groups are full of eager motorsports enthusiasts of all levels of experience busily plying their craft and improving their skills either instructed or solo.

Gridlife’s Beginner class is meant for those brand new to racing and allows first-timers a chance to get on track with their own car and an instructor sitting in the passenger seat. As drivers increase their experience they can move up through the different groups and eventually drive solo as they continue to fine tune their skills. Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced students alike also participate in classroom sessions with world-renowned instructors in order to develop their skills even more.

Round 2 of the Track Battle series will be held June 9th – 11th at #GridLife Midwest Festival, Gingerman Raceway, South Haven, MI.

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