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GridLife rocks Midwest


GridLife Midwest Festival is unlike any grassroots track event you have ever attended. Period.


The atmosphere is one of a community gathering to enjoy one shared hobby. Cars in all forms. GridLife combines Drifting, Time Attack, HPDE, a car show and music festival all in one event. The recipe results in an event so successful it has reached its fourth consecutive year and attracted over 370 drivers, 3,000 campers, and over 8,000 attendees total this year alone.


The drifting sessions are purely exhibition. The attending drivers line up solo runs and multiple car tandems to put on a show for the spectators.


Dirk Stratton’s Pro2 Formula Drift Corvette put on an impressive smoke show for the audience. Dirk’s Corvette is equipped with a Haltech Elite 2500, WBC2 and Gen IV LS terminated engine harness.


The Flat Shift feature of the Elite 2500 allows the Pfitzner Performance Gearbox sequential transmission to shift seamlessly. The naturally aspirated Lingenfelter built LS7 has enough power on tap to detach the rear tires from the pavement on Dirk’s request.


Dylan Sharpe recently debuted his new car for 2017, a Nissan Silvia S15. No detail was overlooked while building this car. The roll cage is TIG welded and polished to a high shine. Everything is bolted together with top quality anodized or polished hardware.

Every suspension component and each subframe has been powder coated and the entire underside of the car was stripped and then sprayed gloss black. Even the interior is finished using OEM plastics to mimic the original appearance without compromise.


Much like his previous car, a bespoke Toyota 2JZ VVTi is centered in the engine bay. When it came to engine management, Dylan knew he had to have the best so the Silvia is equipped with the new Haltech Elite 2000 ECU, WBC1 and a Haltech IQ3 Street dash.


Time Attack competitors from all over the US and Canada made the journey to Michigan for the second round of the GridLife Track Battle series held in conjunction with the Midwest Festival.


PHOTO: TurboByGarrett

Kevin Parlett and his #44 BC Racing Infiniti G35 relies on a Haltech Z33 Platinum Pro Plug-in ECU for precise fuel and ignition tuning to suit his Turbo by Garrett setup.
Kevin competes in multiple time attack events throughout the year including the GridLife Track Battle series and Global Time Attack.


PHOTO: TurboByGarrett

Kevin’s fastest lap recorded was a 1:40.4 which scored him another 1140 points and puts him 4th in points on the year in the Track Mod-RWD class.


Kyle Padelford and his #88 Nissan V Spec R34 GTR travelled all the way from California and he proves the reach of this remarkable grassroots event. He recorded a respectable 1:45.7 on his first time at Gingerman Raceway.


Kyle’s car is equipped with a Haltech R34 GTR Platinum Pro Plug-in ECU.


Cody Loveland’s Haltech-powered Enviate Hypercar.


The afterparty is part of what makes GridLife such a unique experience, different from any track day elsewhere. When the track goes cold, the stage gets hot.


Names like Keys N Krates and Manic Focus topped the bill for this year’s music festivities and they did not disappoint. The unique stage, tent and lighting combined for a concert experience that rivalled any normal music festival.

At the end of the weekend, no matter what happened on track, how bad the car broke or how well you did in competition, everyone left with a smile. That is exactly what GridLife is all about. Having the time of your life with a community of your automotive enthusiast peers.


All of this, a very impressive feat for a grassroots effort from a small group of enthusiasts hailing from the Midwest. Haltech would like to congratulate the GridLife staff for throwing the automotive party to end all parties, once again.

Haltech is a proud sponsor and supporter of GridLife. More information about Grid Life can be found here: www.grid.life

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