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All Hail the King: World’s Fastest Street Radial GTR

Based in Sydney’s south-west suburb of Chipping Norton, Maatouk’s Racing is synonymous with fast Skylines with one particular car getting plenty of attention not just in Australia but all over the world.


The car in question is a Nissan Skyline R32 GTR aptly named KING32, currently the world’s fastest street radial GTR.


Built and tuned by Anthony Maatouk, this is without a doubt one of the most notorious GTRs in the import scene today.


The term “street car” is thrown around a lot these days and causes a fair bit of controversy, especially when it’s applied to huge horsepower vehicle fitted with a chute. So what makes this particular GTR pass as a “street car”?


To start with, all body panels are still factory. There’s no fibreglass body kits or custom panels. The car has not been tubbed or widened, it’s still the same track and wheelbase as a standard factory R32 GTR.


The original dashboard is still in place (albeit with some necessary modifications), as are most interior trim items, including door panels. Even the power windows and mirrors have been retained.


The tyres used for racing are ET Street Radial Mickey Thompsons.


There is no denying the fact however, this is not a car built to cruise the suburban streets on weekends. You don’t run 7.41@189mph without some serious mojo and this is where we enter into the “not so street” territory.


The engine is an in-house built Maatouk’s Special 3.2L RB running on E85 and making just over 1700hp on 60psi.   


Boost is courtesy of this massive Precision 88 Pro Mod Turbo which uses a Nitrous system to help it come on boost during launch.


Fuel is supplied via two sets of 2400cc injectors (2 injectors per cylinder). To ensure sufficient lubrication the engine is fitted with a dry sump system using a 4 stage oil pump.


The engine is mated with a Turbo 400, 3-speed auto transmission. The two green buttons on the steering wheel activate the trans brake and bump functions of the ECU.


Of course, all that power is nothing without control. Hidden behind the glove box is the brains of the whole operation – Haltech’s Elite 2500 ECU. The ECU controls injection, ignition, boost, transmission and also the nitrous system. It feeds all the data to the Haltech IQ3 Logger Dash.


With its fat tyres, parachute and a drag winglet,  KING32’s rear end looks the business.


Those who have seen the car in action will agree that this beast can boogie. With the Skyline scene being one the most competitive segments of the import racing at the moment, it takes the right amount of brute force and clever engineering to stay on top.


We reckon Anthony got that mix just right with KING32. Those who disagree can get in the queue – The King loves a challenge!

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