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Haltech Hero of the Year 2018

Haltech Hero of the Year 2018 is here!

We’re giving you the chance to choose your favourite Haltech Hero from 2018. The winner of which will receive a custom trophy and ALL THE GLORY OF THE INTERWEBS!

How’s it work? We’ve selected the top 16 cars we’ve featured on www.haltech.com over the course of 2018. We’ve matched them up with each other for a sudden death style tournament. and will be posting regular polls on our Facebook page throughout the month of November – so make sure you check in daily to vote for your favourite!

Here’s what the draw looks like, link through to refresh yourself on the awesome vehicles we’ve featured this year:

Round 1 – Top 16

Battle 1: KoruWorks 350Z VS Hyper Lemon 350Z

Winner: The JUN Hyper Lemon 350Z

Battle 2: Ben Bray’s Solara VS Damon Chin’s Celica

Winner: Damon’s Celica

Battle 3 James Houghton’s Type R vs Ray Loulach’s Civic

Winner: James’ Integra

Battle 4: Forrest Wang’s S15 VS Mad Mike’s HUMBUL

Winner: HUMBUL

Battle 5: Motor Sports Mechanical’s R32 GT-R VS Mikie’s Starion

Winner: Mikie’s Starion

Battle 6: Brian’s Devil’s Reject – Shelby GT500: VS Dyno-mite Performance Barra Drag Car

Winner: Dyno-mite Performance Barra Drag Car

Battle 7: Shannon’s Firebird VS Mighty Car Mods Cresta

Battle 8: Nathan’s Camaro VS Boddie’s Nova

The winners of each round will go on to battle each other in the next round of polls.

Who is your pick to win?