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Haltech Heroes: Brian Bugh’s Time Attack Corvette

Brian Bugh loves his Corvettes and is seriously into time attack racing. This Z06 C5 is a happy marriage of these two passions.


Brian competes in the WTAC Open Class which allows a fair bit of freedom in terms of aero aids.


Time attack cars are easily identified by their distinctive aero and Brian’s Corvette is no different sporting a massive rear wing, diffuser and a wide front spoiler.


Powering Brian’s car is an LS6 V8 with an over-the-radiator (OTR) intake feeding into a 102mm billet throttle body.


Internally, aside from a custom camshaft, the engine is almost stock and makes approximately 440hp at the wheels.


The cabin is all business with the control centre dominated by a Haltech IQ3 logger dash.


The engine runs a Haltech Elite 2500 ECU and a dual Wideband Controller kit connected to the engine via a Haltech terminated LS harness.


Power is connected to a SmartWire module with a dash-mounted switch panel giving Brian instant access to the starter motor, ignition, accusump pump, lights, cool down (thermo fan and water pump), fuel override, wipers and fuel door release.


Apart from looking after the fuel injection and various engine functions, the Elite also manages the vehicle’s traction control.


While time attack racing might be dominated by AWD Japanese cars, Brian’s Corvette is a perfect example of a well sorted, reliable and deceptively quick American muscle car that can mix it up with the high tech, high revving, turbocharged brigade.




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