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Haltech Heroes: Danny Makdessi’s Blown Valiant

This 1967 VC Valiant is more than just a race car – it’s truly a part of the family!

While currently far from its original state, the Valiant has been in Danny’s family for many, many years. Story has it the car’s first trip was to the local hospital to pick up the new-born Danny.

After serving as a family car, the Valiant was then passed to a teenage Danny who eventually decided to turn it into a race car.

Many racing seasons and make-overs later, the car has gone back to the body shop and turned into its original, all-white look, complete with a vinyl roof.

Of course the “original look” extends to the paint scheme only as underneath the steel body this Valiant is all about going fast.

The engine is a Brad Anderson 521ci billet Hemi V8. A monstrous power plant supplemented by a PSI 206D series supercharger.

Inside the engine lives a Sonny Bryant crank connected to GRP rods, JE forged pistons and a Crane roller cam with an 800 thou lift.

The engine is on a strict diet of Methanol which is mechanically injected.

The ignition comes via an MSD ProMag 44 Magneto which in turn is controlled by Haltech’s Elite VMS (Vehicle Management System).

So what exactly does the little, yellow Haltech box do? Quite a lot actually.

Apart from controlling the ignition timing, transmission and providing drive shaft speed based traction control, the VMS also looks after the multiple lean-out solenoids in charge of the mechanical injection.

With approx 3500hp on tap, the car needs all the help it can get to reign it all in and unleash it how and when it’s needed.

The Valiant is actually remarkably reliable and consistent. With Danny behind the wheel it took out the Pro Mod class at this year’s Sydney Jamboree, winning against some high profile, all fibreglass, Pro Mod spec cars.