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Haltech Heroes: John’s Time Attack Supra

A simple street car build that somehow got out of hand. Yeah, we’ve heard that story many times before….

When John bought a wrecked Supra his plan was simple, to build a shop car that could be driven on street and taken to an occasional track day.

That occasional track day quickly became rather competitive and the car’s purpose shifted towards a full-time track car.

While 2JZ powered cars are a common sight at drag strips, they are less commonly seen around circuit race tracks. Supras in particular are not often preferred and the weapon of choice for a circuit or time attack car.

John agrees: “The JZ80 Supra is a big and heavy car, I can see why people are reluctant to turn them into circuit/time attack cars”

“We do a lot of JZ swaps at our shop, we put them in everything, most recently we put a couple of them in BMWs, but most are just regular street cars.”

This has not stopped John from pursuing his goal, and the result is a car that’s not just a stunning, aggressive looking Supra, but one that’s backed by a solid 2JZ setup that’s both simple and effective.

The heart of the beast: Toyota’s famous inline six. John opted to keep the 3 litre factory capacity but the compression ratio has been increased to 10:1.

CP Pistons and Kelford cams now live inside the engine which gets boosted by a Precision 64/66 turbocharger hooked up to a Turbosmart external wastegate.

Hypertune throttle body and inlet manifold adorn the cold side of the engine along with a dual-feed fuel rail and a set of 2000cc injectors.

The whole package is good for around 630hp at the rear wheels with 32psi of boost.

John didn’t cut any corners in the suspension department with MCA Red custom order system taking car of the car’s handling.

“Being a big and heavy car, it’s hard on brakes, tyres and suspension.”

8 piston calipers pull the beast up with ease.

“Aero makes such a big difference to the way a car drives. Even a modest aero like the one we’ve got on the Supra takes a while to get used to.”

Haltech Elite 2500 ECU is in charge of the mighty 2JZ with a dash mounted trim switch allowing John to choose a variety of different traction control options.

Haltech IQ3 Dash keeps John informed as to the going-ons under the bonnett.

Low stance, wide body, fat Advan A050s and a powerful, super reliable 2JZ controlled by a Haltech ECU. As far as track cars go, this formula sounds just about right.