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Haltech Heroes: Renner Auto Ford GT40

Jason Ferraro, the man behind Renner Auto doesn’t just build cars – he creates mechanical masterpieces.

And one of the most interesting creations in Jason’s shop is one he built for himself – a Ford GT40 replica.

The body is an aluminium monocoque chassis RCR GT40 kit and that’s pretty much where the “kit” part of the car ends. Everything else has been either individually sourced or designed and made by Jason himself.

From the race-spec suspension with a hydraulic lift system to in-house-made brakes, exhaust and cooling system, this GT40 can truly be called a one-off, custom build.

Jason’s motto of creating cars with classic looks and modern hearts is evident in the GT40’s engine bay. The utterly modern, quad cam Coyote V8 looks perfectly at home behind the cabin.

The individual throttle bodies not only look and sound great but also work in perfect unison with the Coyote’s drive-by-wire throttle.

The engine is bolted directly to a Ricardo transaxle sourced from a 2006 Ford GT Supercar. The whole package is managed by Haltech’s Elite 2500.

Up the front we have a very tidy A/C compressor installation and fire supression system.

The attention to detail and quality of execution extends to the interior with carbo-fibre seats built specifically to accommodate Jason’s rather tall frame.

The modern electronic gauges with analogue faces complete the classic look of the cockpit.

The closer you look, the more you appreciate the time and effort spent on every single detail.

17″ wheels are shod with some serious rubber – 225/45 on the front and 315/35 out back.

It looks stunning just standing still in Jason’s garage but we are told the car gets out for regular drives.

“I built this car to enjoy it. One of the reasons I’ve spent so much time on getting the air conditioning right is that I wanted to take it for longer rides and it can get rather hot in that cabin after a while.”

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