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Haltech Heroes: SNP Sand Drag Tacoma

SNP Speed Innovations’ Gabe Salazar makes no bones about his affection for Toyota’s 2RZ/3RZ four banger.

“They’re great engines, they can handle plenty of boost and make loads of horsepower”

It came as no surprise then that his hero car, a sand drag truck Toyota Tacoma had a 3RZ sitting comfortably in its engine bay.

The car belongs to Gabe’s long time customer and a good friend who clearly doesn’t mind pushing the envelope when it comes to the RZ platform.

“Since the first build, the car has gone faster and faster. It’s now about 0.5sec faster that anyone else in the class.”

The 2.7L 3RZ makes approx 900hp at the wheels with 40psi of boost.

It’s still using a stock block, stock crank, and a stock cylinder head.

The whole setup is controlled by Haltech’s Elite 1500.

“The next thing to install is the Haltech rotary trim knob so we can slow it down with different boost, launch RPM’s, shift points, you know all the cool stuff Haltech can do!”

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