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Haltech onboard for 2019 DXP235 Drag Radial Series

It’s official! Haltech is the DXP235 Drag Radial Series Title Sponsor!

X275 Motorsports has partnered up with Haltech to form a 5 race points championship for 2019.

DXP235 Drag Radial offers parity for the racer, diversity for the fans, and an excellent form of affordable racing for veteran and novice heads-up racers.

It is without a doubt one of the single most parity filled classes on the smallest of tires utilized in heads-up racing these days. Multiple events in 2018 were won by a hole-shot victory proving that the rules are not the determining factor in winning but driver and tuner ability are.

“We feel that the 2019 championship will result in new cars being built or changed over to run the class and give it a broad base of racers from multiple areas of the country an opportunity to participate.” – John Sears, X275 Motorsport

“While I was attending the PRI Show I was introduced to multiple systems that Haltech offers the racing community. Apart from a huge range of EFI engine management systems, Haltech also offers engine control units for those of you that have not installed EFI on their hot rods or race cars.”

“Haltech is also an active and enthusiastic contributor to the performance and racing community with numerous regular educational and support programs. That’s why I believe they are a great fit for DXP235 Racers.” –John Sears, X275 Motorsport

Haltech DXP235 Drag Radial Series Calendar

DateEvent  Venue
Feb 2019Lights Out 10 Sth Georgia Motorsport Park, GA
April 2019Outlaw Street Car Reunion Bowling Green, KY
June 2019The Prize Fight Ohio Valley Dragway, KY
Sept 2019Shakedown Virginia Motorsports Park, VA
Oct 2019No Mercy 10 Sth Georgia Motorsport Park, GA

At the conclusion of the year, all points will be tallied and a Haltech DXP235 Drag Radial Series winner will be announced.

For all updates and event info make sure to follow the DXP235 Drag Radial page.