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Don’t Blow Your Engine!

We have all heard the stories and many of us have experienced first hand an engine failure. Whether it be a catastrophic “con rods hanging out of the block, piston melting, bearing crushing, block splitting” belter or just a simple gasket failure, we’ve all been there. The saddest part about these failures is most of the time they can be prevented with a capable ECU and just a little common sense.

Haltech Platinum Sport and Pro Plug-in ECUs have a basic, single level Engine Protection feature while the Haltech Advanced Engine Protection Feature is available on Elite 1000, 1500, 2000 and 2500. Elite 1000/2000 have a single level Engine Protection while Elite 1500/2500 have a multi level Engine Protection.

Enabling and correctly setting up this feature will avoid costly engine damage when one of your sensors detects a potentially disastrous condition.

 The sensors that are monitored include:
• Oil Pressure
• Fuel Pressure
• Air Temperature
• Coolant Temperature
• Exhaust Gas Temperature
• Air / Fuel Ratio

Each of the sensors have a combination of minimum and maximum allowed values, as well as the maximum time the sensor is allowed to go out of range. Once these conditions are met you can choose to have the engine Rev limited or shut down. You can also choose to keep the engine running at a reduced power output by lowering the boost level, adding extra fuel or removing ignition timing – even further helping to avoid engine damage.

Once the engine protection has tripped the car will run at the lower rev limit / reduced power until the ECU has been turned off, then back on again. Once you are back in the pits, or in the garage you can go back through your data logging to check which sensor has gone out of range and rectify the problem. This is just another way that Haltech is ensuring your engine lives as long as possible!

Speak to your tuner today to ensure your engine has all the protection it can get!