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Haltech USA Open Day

Haltech USA’s Open House proved to be a massive success with record crowds pouring in to check out Haltech USA facilities and admire all the cool rides on display.

We’d like to thank everyone who attended and especially those who put their cars on display. The turn out exceeded our expectations and we hope everyone had a great time!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on what you think we should do next year to make the event bigger and better.

Bill “Big Boost” Lutz took a break from No Prep Kings to bring out his 1967 Camaro to the Haltech USA Open House.

HEMI powered, Twin Turbo and Haltech controlled, t his is one mean beast.

Affectionately named “Ghetto Sled”, Curtis’ Chevelle sits low and looks MEAN with plenty of bite to back up its bark.

ShorTuning’s 4th-gen stick-shift camaro is knocking on 7-second’s door.

Its current PB is [email protected]

The Winning Formula Inc. GridLife Touring Cup MX5 is a warrior, not a show car. He wears his battle scars proudly.

Haltech Elite 1500 equipped, this worked over Mazda might not put down ridiculous power, but it’s still a notorious front runner in the Gridlife Touring Cup.

Aaron Gregory’s 7 second Eagle Talon is no stranger to the Haltech Hero lineup.

Haltech USA employee Richard Nelson’s turbo B-series Integra.

Producing 900hp, this Integra utilizes and Elite 2500T and Haltech Torque Management to help it get off the line reliably every time.

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We happen to think that Ugly Betty is gorgeous!

With a boosted 5.4L Ford Mod Motor, this 1964 AMC Rambler Wagon is quite the looker under the hood.

Cash Racing Jonathan Hurst’s Formula Drift PRO2 car.

Tuned by Dynosty and controlled by Haltech’s Elite 2500 the car is powered by a twin turbo LSX motor.

Dave Meredith’s RWD Honda Civic is a conversation starter wherever it goes.

There’s always questions when onlookers notice the longitudinally mounted InlinePRO H22 engine and a BIG Precision turbo.

Restomod conversions like this 2nd-gen Z28 Camaro with its modern GM LS powerplant are becoming more and more common.

Haltech offers easy Plug’n’Play harness solutions for these swaps to suit the Elite 950, 2000 and 2500 ECUs.

Dave Meredith’s Pit Cart is cooler than yours! It has a turbo and an Elite 750.

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