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Happy Birthday Haltech USA!

While Haltech may seem like a newcomer to the North American market, the brand has been operating in USA since 1988.

“We had to overcome plenty of obstacles to get Haltech off the ground in the US,” recalls Haltech USA’s general manager, Eric Gash. “Launching a new brand into an already saturated market is not an easy undertaking. It requires a tremendous amount of commitment, perseverance and hard work.”

Haltech has always been driven by passion for performance and technological innovation. From the very beginning, these qualities have been reflected in Haltech products and services and those qualities have been instrumental in the brand’s success in the US market.

“Using the feedback acquired from the racers, dealers and tuners, we continued to develop and improve our products, making them more accessible, more reliable and easier to use.”

As the brand presence and its dealer network grew, Haltech products became synonymous with record breaking performance and solid customer support.

Today Haltech USA is one of the most respected engine management brands in the country. The company’s new facilities services the entire North American racing and performance market and runs numerous technical/track support and educational programs.

“We see Haltech as much more than just a manufacturer of ECUs,” said Eric. “It’s more like family, a very large family but one that looks after its members and supports them in their endeavours.”

Haltech USA would like to take this opportunity to thank all our dealers, tuners, customers, racers, fans for their support over the years. You are an integral part of the Haltech family and we wouldn’t be where we are today without your feedback and support.

Thank You.