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Honda S2000 with an NSX engine swap. Is this the ultimate circuit car?


When the guys at ECU Performance in Austria decided to build their own race car their wishlist was simple; it needed to be lightweight, rwd, with a powerful and reliable engine.


Honda S2ooo ticked all the chassis boxes but the guys wanted more power than the original 2L engine could deliver. Keeping the engine and the chassis in the same family a suggestion was made to go with Honda NSX’s (Acura NSX) motor.


Where other would ask “why?” the guys at ECU Performance asked “why not?”.


The engine powering the car now is an in-house built 3.5L V6 with a stroker kit, ported heads and aftermarket  VTEC camshafts. It is dry sumped and connected to a Dranth sequential 6-speed gearbox via a Tilton twin plate clutch.


Being a Haltech dealer, the choice of engine management was obvious. Thomas and Roman (owners of ECU Performance) opted for the Platinum Series Sport 2000 ECU and modified the engine harness to suit. A HPI 6 igniter was added to the loom with Haltech dual coils and a whole lot of sensors providing the ECU with all the necessary data.


The car’s intended purpose is circuit racing and it certainly looks the part. While its exterior cleverly hides any signs of the engine conversion, the sound of the V6 motor and the speed at which the car moves sends a clear message that this is not just another S2000.


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