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Jack’s Elite 950-Powered Turbo LS ’68 Camaro

Jack’s Turbo LS-powered Camaro is the perfect example of the type of vehicle you’d run with our Elite 950 ECU.

Built with the help of his 14-year-old daughter, Jack wanted the Camaro to be a tough street car to have fun in, with the occasional trip to the drag strip.


To provide the fun Jack went with the tried and true turbo LS combination, but for ease of install and tuning, he’s used Haltech’s Elite 950 ECU.

The Elite 950 has been designed for this exact type of conversion. A late model EFI V8 into a classic street car.

It allows Jack to run sequential injection into all eight cylinders, and wasted spark ignition across the eight coils.

The Elite 950 also has boost control capabilities, which makes it ideal for Jack’s turbo application.

For a simple and easy installation, Jack has used Haltech’s semi-terminated LS terminated harness for the Elite 950. Harnesses are also available for Chevy big and small block engines.

The whole package is enough to handle close to 1000HP on race gas which has propelled the Camaro to 5.82s at 126mph in the 1/8 mile. Pretty impressive for a simple street car, and more than enough to put a smile on Jack’s face. 

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