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Kamikaze’s El Camino back with a vengeance


If you’re a fan of the Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws you’re probably familiar with one of the show’s most colorful personalities – Chris Day aka “Kamikaze” and his new ride, an ominous, matt black, 1981 Chevrolet El Camino aka “ElCo”.


Bought by Kamikaze from its previous owner, Justin “Big Chief”, the car has been sitting under covers until late last year when the decision was made to resurrect it and give it a full EFI make-over.


While the build looks impressive, Chris’ aim was to keep the car relatively simple and low budget. “I built this car in my garage” he said “I really want people to know that.”


“I knew that in order to be competitive I had to go the EFI route, so when Haltech offered to help out with the engine management I jumped at the opportunity.”


The  496ci big block engine was built by Kincaid Racing Engines and in Chris’ own words it makes “enough power to take on the big boys”.


As well as running the engine, Haltech’s Elite 2500 ECU also controls Nitrous Express six stage dry Nitrous system.


The engine management system also includes a 2-channel Wideband Controller, a Pro Select 8 CDI and Thermocouple Amplifiers.


All the wiring is kept safe and tidy thanks to RacePak’s SmartWire.


The ECU reports directly to the IQ3 logger dash.


“This system not only gives me full control over the engine and nitrous injection, it also provides me a peace of mind that any anomalies or potential problems will be immediately detected and flagged.”


Being a grudge car, the ElCo needs to be consistent and reliable and that’s where the EFI and Haltech engine management really shines.


Tuned by one of the most respected names in the industry, Ben Strader of the EFI University, the car takes full advantage of ESP’s advanced functions.


“We can now monitor and log just about every aspect of the car, rpm, coolant temp, air temp, drive shaft speed, even Nitrous bottle pressure! With so much data readily available there is no guesswork.”


“I can’t wait to take on all the big-money cars!”



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