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Kelsey Rowlings back with a vengeance


For Kelsey Rowling and Team Drift Chick, the 2017 PRO2 season of Formula Drift officially began at the end of April, in sunny Orlando Florida. While drivers roasted tires, higher than normal temperatures of 96 degrees combined with the always intense Florida sun to roast drivers, crews and fans. The only thing hotter was the competition – which was exceptional!


With her FAST Cool Suit fully functional and the sun setting in the west, Kelsey took to the track on Thursday for her first qualifying session of the year. Kelsey lined up and initiated drift into the blinding sun. Unable to see and having to guess, she initiated just a bit late which resulted in two fairly significant wall taps which might have ruined a lesser driver’s day.


But Kelsey kept on the throttle, maintained drift, and went on to finish a near flawless run the rest of the way. Her efforts were rewarded with a tenth place qualification.


The next morning the crew worked to repair the car and prep it for competition. With some weld repairs, fiberglass work and the judicial use of body hammers, the crew had the car looking almost good as new. After some excellent tandem practice it was on to the top 16 competition.


In tandem competition, Kelsey was paired with Josh Robinson from Australia driving a Holden Ute, which has to be the biggest vehicle entered in Formula Drift. Kelsey followed Josh in the first run. Since the Josh had been having some issues, she gave him some space to start the run. She then, over the course of the run, pulled closer and closer to finish the final part of the course virtually banging on his door.


It was then Kelsey’s turn to lead and she gave it 110 percent. Going just a bit too hard, she caught the wall which upset her line and resulted in her going slightly off course in the middle of the course. While her follow run was impressive the slight detour off course cost her the win… this time.


Kelsey’s Ford Coyote powered Nissan uses Haltech Elite 2500 ECU with a Coyote Terminated Harness and a Haltech IQ3 dash.